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It has been a long time since I heard an Eminem track that I was genuinely impressed with. Joining his many detractors in recent years, I too feared that Eminem had gone pop; that Mr Slim Shady had crossed no mans land from the world of controversy and grit to the land of commercial cheese. Having just experienced an epic evening at Wembley Stadium on Saturday, I can gratefully say that even in his forties and despite his dabbling with the likes of Rhianna, Eminem has certainly still got it. Rap God is a big ‘bleep’ you to the doubters and I absolutely love it. Hearing Eminem perform this live, to a crowd of 90,000, was an experience I will not be forgetting in a hurry. Eminem@Wembley Review Pending


I shall not rest until I am able to bust these bad boys out! 

Everybody wanna get up out for the beat
but they already know that it is out of their reach
and I’m gonna blow, I take em out of their seats
keepen stubbin their toes, I take em out of their feet
out with the queen, out with the peace
and never them clap to the sound of the beat
Lego Lego
If you really wanna come in on another level Lego!