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The Chemical Brothers

Raider Photography – The Chemical Brothers


Raider Photography – Groover Armada @ Lovebox Festival

If you ever get the chance to see Groove Armada live, you must go immediately! The Groove Armada set at Lovebox 2015 was a truly epic and utterly unforgettable experience! Crowd surfing on inflatable beer bottles, ridiculous levels of confetti, a heaving bass, incredible live Alladinesque performers…this has to be up there for one of the best festival gigs I have been to. Five star!
Video pending…

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It has been great sharing and listening to all of your top tracks; my iPod is now positively heaving!

The only song appropriate for my little lion, is the Circle of Life :-)…love you always.

 (1) Headphones + music to get the creative juices flowing, (2) a box of thick tip roll on kiddie paint, (3) attempt to create self portrait whilst listening to the Burial Untrue album, followed by (4)  some tearing, a few snaps and some Holgart editing…