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Whoops…Wrong Video!

I haven’t made my mind up about this song yet. Similar to how I felt about the DJ Fresh ft.Rita Ora newest track “Hot Right Now”, there are just some songs that you neither like or dislike upon first hearing them – they fall in the potential grower category, meaning it may eventually remain somewhere lost in your YouTube history, as opposed to blasting out of your stereo. For a track that has been criticised for being too mainstream, for the first 14 seconds the track is awesome, it has a very distinct grime feel to it and appears to be building up to an equally impressive chorus…but then the chorus kicked in (as opposed to the expected ‘drop’) and it was somewhat lost. After I heard the lyrics ‘are you not entertained?’, as you can tell from the above video, I was slightly distracted  by this reference to the Gladiator. Dot Rotten’s lyrics throughout all the verses are excellent and one cannot dispute his talent, I simply dislike the sound of the chorus, it has a ‘done before’ feel to it, and as such the overall song fails to keep up the hype grimey dub intro to the track. I am not surprised this track is popular in the radio charts at the moment and I must admit the more I listen to it the more I like it, hence the ‘potential grower’ rating. 

The new single from Dot Rotten is available to download on 5th March 2012.

Massive tune! I’ll let the wobbles do the talking – crank up the volume! Released January 2012.

Ms Dynamite exploded onto the UK Garage/HipHop scene in 2002 after the official release of Booo! and her debut album A Little Deeper. Following  numerous  music awards for her album’s success, backed by her two hit singles –It Takes More and Dy-na-mi-tee — Ms. Dynamite introduced herself to the world of music with a bang.  After a string of television appearances and the release of a second album ‘Judgment Day’, Ms Dynamite took an extended break from music to have her son.  However, in December 2010 Ms.Dynamite was finally back and featured on some massive hits including, Katy B’s Lights On, Magnetic Man’s Fire and Redlight .feat Ms Dynamite “What you talking about!?”.  Neva Soft is Ms Dynamite’s newest single and first solo commercial release  since 2005-what a comeback. Released in September 2011 Dynamite teamed up with the producer-of-the-moment Labrinth to create a fierce track with an awesome blend of Reggae and Drum and Bass.

The Raiders saw Ms Dynamite perform at the  Rinse FM 17th Birthday Bash  and she absolutely smashed it. After performing Lights On with Katy B, she continued to hype up the crowd with her newer material and Brixton Academy went off!  Highlight performance of the night and the year.  Few female artists and MC’s can compare to the distinctive Dynamite tone, flow and sharp lyrical content; her songs are always top-notch and that is exactly why we have voted Ms Dynamite Best Female MC and Artist. We are very pleased to have her back! Keep an eye out for her third album set to be released early 2012.