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I still haven’t got my ticket! Payday is but days away and I am itching to bag my slot and embrace – no, UNITE with my fellow ravers. Really, I should posting this after I have purchased, just in case I am completely shooting myself in the foot and the last of the tickets officially sell out. I will take my chances with music destiny, I will be unselfish. I will share the love!

This is set to be a banging festival. Truth be told, I hadn’t actually heard of this one untill several weeks ago. I suspect I should be ashamed of myself for not having heard of it, but there we go – it did only debut last year. I heard it through the grapevine, checked out the line up and thought OH MY RAVEGOD! I need to go to this. Pied Piper? DJ Luck and MC Neat? Grooverider?! Yes please! Take me back to the good old days! Who really wants to be sitting on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon, watching Time Team over an unwanted plate of brussel sprouts, longing for some filthy old school rave beats? Not this Sunday the 13th of September. Not on my watch!

Tickets are sadly no longer going for a mere £20. Last release tickets are now £40. But whats an extra £20 for an action packed day celebrating over 25 years of British rave culture, with over 150 acts and 8 arenas – all in one field?

Please save me a ticket! Possible review pending…FINGERS, TOES AND LIMBS CROSSED!

Tickets for this event can be purchased on the following websites:

United Festival Line Up


Without a doubt, Disclosure’s album “Settle” is the best album release of 2013. With a host of guest stars featuring on the album including: Jesse Ware, AlunaGeorge, Jamie Woon, Sam Smith, Ed McFarlane of Friendly Fires and Eliza Doolittle, this album is far from the simple deep house collection I was expecting. Despite their distinctive sound, the duo have highlighted their flare for incorporating a versatile array of styles from blurred synth chords, early-house baselines, classic beats of two-step garage, to contemporary sounds of current dance music, and this is what makes this debut an absolute winner with the masses. As noted in NME “Disclosuremania is clearly about to sweep the nation” and I am ready to be swept along with it!

Dubbed as the English slim by Eminems DJ Green Lantern and already a veteran on the Manchester music scene, Skittles is one for us slow of the mark Londoners to keep an eye out for. 2011 was a big year for Skittles releasing two massive tracks including  his dub inspired  track Tip-i-cal-ly and his latest track DOT2DOT from his album ‘Poor With £100 Trainers’. Having  already worked on many collaborations with other artists and spending the most part of last summer touring festivals with his live band, I suspect 2012 will be another big one for Skittles! A talented lyricist releasing some awesome tracks accompanied with equally impressive videos, keep an eye out for him because he has a lot to offer!  

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Ms Dynamite exploded onto the UK Garage/HipHop scene in 2002 after the official release of Booo! and her debut album A Little Deeper. Following  numerous  music awards for her album’s success, backed by her two hit singles –It Takes More and Dy-na-mi-tee — Ms. Dynamite introduced herself to the world of music with a bang.  After a string of television appearances and the release of a second album ‘Judgment Day’, Ms Dynamite took an extended break from music to have her son.  However, in December 2010 Ms.Dynamite was finally back and featured on some massive hits including, Katy B’s Lights On, Magnetic Man’s Fire and Redlight .feat Ms Dynamite “What you talking about!?”.  Neva Soft is Ms Dynamite’s newest single and first solo commercial release  since 2005-what a comeback. Released in September 2011 Dynamite teamed up with the producer-of-the-moment Labrinth to create a fierce track with an awesome blend of Reggae and Drum and Bass.

The Raiders saw Ms Dynamite perform at the  Rinse FM 17th Birthday Bash  and she absolutely smashed it. After performing Lights On with Katy B, she continued to hype up the crowd with her newer material and Brixton Academy went off!  Highlight performance of the night and the year.  Few female artists and MC’s can compare to the distinctive Dynamite tone, flow and sharp lyrical content; her songs are always top-notch and that is exactly why we have voted Ms Dynamite Best Female MC and Artist. We are very pleased to have her back! Keep an eye out for her third album set to be released early 2012.

It’s been three days since Rinse FM’s 17th birthday bash, and far from recovery this was certainly not an event to attend before a busy week at work. Arriving just after midnight, we were greeted by several police officers manning the Academy entrance. The queue was short, but like lambs to the slaughter entrees were lined up 5 at a time in display of a crowd of Brixton revellers, whilst a training sniffer dog was slalomed several times through the line. Once past the police and the sniffer dog, on to security who more than vigorously searched the bags, before entering the Academy foyer and to be finally acquainted by the heavy boom of the bash. Whilst somewhat pleased at strict security measures, needless to say the pre-entry atmosphere was far from tranquil and left an impending air of doom and anticipation as to what to expect from the event and crowd. Initially pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere, we were soon rather taken aback with the £2.50 coat room charge and the £9.80 total for a Red Bull mixer and a cup of water!

Entering the main room, the bass was enough to make your ears bleed and your organs shake. The academy aesthetics made for an interesting back drop to the acts and the light technicians offered an exciting display. However, what about the acts? For the majority of the time we stayed in the main room given the other acts appeared to be playing the foyer, which was a battleground of smokers trying to get outside, and entrees trying to get in. After some great sets from the likes of Youngster and Silkie and Quest; Katy B came on stage around 2, but disappointedly only played 3 songs? On the upside Ms Dynamite joined Katy B on stage for her last song and stayed on to perform an amazing crowd pleasing set- and boy did she smash it! Ms Dynamite played mostly new material; however given the crowd’s reaction to her, it would have been great if she stayed longer to play some of her old material. Followed on by P Money, Blacks, Plastician  who appeared to be on stage for over an hour. Though the sets were amazing, through sheer exhaustion and anticipation for Skream feat. Sam Frank, it grew somewhat tiresome. During this time we witnessed several fights, and several more women being herded out the club doors, security was patrolling with torches at every corner and tension was certainly in the air.  By five o’clock, the d’n’b tempo had reached superfast forward mode, and whilst loving the carefree frantic shape cutting, we had danced so hard we could no longer feel our legs, and with still no sign of Skream, we hung up our discoboots and left.   

I am aware if you have carried on reading to this point, you may have the opinion that we did not enjoy ourselves. On the contrary, we had an amazing night; the music was banging, and the excitement remained throughout the night. However, amidst out d’n’b trance we completely missed the main acts, (Skream, DJ EZ, Artwork and many more), maybe because we did not find a ‘third room’, or that they (as did Skream at 5:30) came on past 5. Given their status as headlining acts, there absence in our evening was disappointing.  

We would definitely attend a Rinse FM bash again and would recommend it to all Rinse music fans, especially as London is distinctly lacking in good garage and grime events. Apart from the odd aggy face gurner expected at such events, the majority ’88 born crowd shared an unforgettable evening.

10/5 bass ratings. (This is a perfectly reasonable rating in highlighting the sheer epic attack of bass).