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True to form, I have been a tad neglectful of Raiders over the festive period and the start to a glorious new year. Have no fear though fellow bloggers… the blog may have been neglected, but the 2015 festival plans are well under way. First festival booked – Sonar Barcelona! Founded in 1994, Sonar is a three day electronic and advanced music festival that is fast becoming a top favourite for all festival enthusiasts. This year the Chemical Brothers are headlining the Sonar by Night on Saturday 20th June and I shall be there, front row, celebrating another birthday in electrotastic style!

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Without a doubt, Disclosure’s album “Settle” is the best album release of 2013. With a host of guest stars featuring on the album including: Jesse Ware, AlunaGeorge, Jamie Woon, Sam Smith, Ed McFarlane of Friendly Fires and Eliza Doolittle, this album is far from the simple deep house collection I was expecting. Despite their distinctive sound, the duo have highlighted their flare for incorporating a versatile array of styles from blurred synth chords, early-house baselines, classic beats of two-step garage, to contemporary sounds of current dance music, and this is what makes this debut an absolute winner with the masses. As noted in NME “Disclosuremania is clearly about to sweep the nation” and I am ready to be swept along with it!



Welcome to Techno City! In April 2011, we arrived at Rosenthaler Platz Berlin- within 1 hour of our arrival, fed, dressed and ready to experience what the Berlin night life had to offer, we jumped on the U-Bahn and headed down to Berlin Mitte, Köpenicker Strasse to the colossus Tresor club – a legendary institution of Berlin’s nightlife.  Set in an old industrial power station, the building is truly formidable; certainly not the type of club setting you would find anywhere in the UK.

Entering the building through pvc industrial curtains, greeted with a cold musky air and surrounded by dingy graffiti stained concrete walls; Tresor consists of three floors: the Batterieraum (successor to Globus) playing house, the +4 Bar playing experimental music, and the heart of Tresor the basement or ‘the vault’, which can be reached through a 30-meter long bass pulsating tunnel leading down to sounds of loud and filthy techno.  Think of the opening club scene in Blade, and multiply the epicness by 10.

To this day [excluding Berlin’s Berghain club] we have still not experienced anything like what did that night in Tresor. Hours went by in a trippy disorientating blur; the agressive booming bass bleeps and wobbles of truly classic Berlin techno were enough to make your ears bleed and your insides shake, and the relentless attack of strobes left you blinded. The underground resistence atmosphere, the social techno culture, and the raw ambience and intensity was enough to give you goosebumps. We left early hours feeling well and truly welcomed to Berlin and raped by the sights and sounds of Tresor.  

What made Tresor so unlike many other top rated clubs in the UK and worldwide, was its carefree vibe and purist techno-committed crowd going it hard and fast. You visit a super club in Ibiza or London and yes it’s a pretty cool night, but it’s also crafted, poncy, pricey and fake; the clubbers are dressed up to the max, and cameras are out ready to snap that fakefun facebook pic. In Tresor, the Berlinians donned nothing more than jeans and trainers they wore that day and danced the night away as lone ravers sharing their techno experience together.           

Tresor was a truly phenomenal and unforgettable experience for 24-carat techno.

Many German artists are intrinsically tied to the beginnings of Tresor: Sven Väth, Tanith, Maruscha, Paul van Dyk, Ellen Allien and Pacou to name a few; but hitherto the typical Sound of Tresor has been linked to Detroit artists such as Mike Banks, Jeff Mills (the founders of Underground Resistance), Juan Atkins, Kenny Larkin and Blake Baxter.

Tresor is open on four days every week from 12pm: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and every week up to 3000 ravers from all over the world gather at Tresor to celebrate together. (€7 Wednesday, €10-12 Friday, €10-15 Saturday).

Get yourselves to Tresor Berlin and experience a night like no other.

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Bass Rating: Off the Richter!!

Check out this clip of Octave One smashing it at Tresor…