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What an absolutely quality night at Fabric! With our new FabricLive membership cards we were able to skip a rather hefty queue and paid a very reasonable £10 entrance fee with our student cards. As usual we headed straight to the main room to be greeted with the delightful sounds of Zinc pumping out some seriously sexy baselines to a heaving crowd. After several hours of perspiration and full body whiplash dancing we were graced with an incredible set by Jack Beats, which was followed by an equally epic and impressive showdown by the Dubstep King Mr Benga himself with Youngman MC – [who is hot hot hot!] Annie Mac joined the duo on stage with her entourage and was donning a new blonde Gwen stefaniesque hair do- you could hardly recognise her! I took several videos which I have linked below, but as usual they only capture a flavour of the awesomeness! Fellow lovers of the D’n’B and Dubstep, get yourselves down to FabricLive on Fridays, come hunt us down and join us for the wobbles!

Check out Skream’s wicked sit in for Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, drops some heavy beats and puts in there a cheeky mini mix too!

Released October 21st 2011. I bought this album a few weeks ago and haven’t stopped listening to it since!

It has been criticised for including too many predictable pop tracks and lacking the more exclusive material fans of Annie Mac enjoy. One reviewer noted ‘so many random songs…is this chill or dnb with toast and tea?’ Quite frankly, dnb with toast and tea makes for an awesome album. There is a perfect combination of chilled and up tempo tracks, a quality mix of house, electro and dance genres and it has been well-arranged. On most albums you tend to only listen to the first ten tracks because the rest are lame. On the contrary Annie Mac Presents 2011 spices it up to the very end with some truly epic screw face fist clenchers.  You simply cannot criticise an album that includes SBTRKTs ‘Wildfire’, Magnetic Man ‘Getting Nowhere’, Rusko ‘Everyday’, Chase and Status ‘Blind Faith’, Youngman & Benga ‘Tear it out’, Skream ft Sam Frank ‘Where should you be?’ too name only a few!

You definitely need to buy this CD:


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or on iTunes for £7.99

5 stars! Perfect present for crimbo!