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Opening Parties

Oh yes! It’s that glorious time of the year again – summer has arrived and the best DJs in the world are jetting their way over to the White Isle. The Ibiza Opening Parties have begun and all of our much-loved superclubs are no doubt pulling out all the stops to make this year…if possible even bigger and better than the last!

DC10 – now famous for being famous, is one of the gems of the Ibiza clubbing scene, offering an entirely unique clubbing environment and experience. Unlike the other clubs on the island, DC10 does little or no publicity for its parties, meaning those who go are in the know and there for one reason; the music. DC10 is all about good DJs and quality underground electronic music. It is famous for it after hours parties, launching the careers of some of the island’s biggest DJs, fancy dress, and the fact it’s located at the end of the runway! DC10 definitely wins joint place with Bora Bora Beach for being the best late afternoon hotspot. 

The legendary Monday morning session grew from a small band of hardcore ravers to being the most talked about party in Ibiza and possibly the whole world of electronic music in the last 10 years. It isn’t the most glamorous of clubs and there is no expensive lighting or production, but the careers of some of the best electronic DJs including Tania Vulcano, Loco Dice and Luciano are indebted to the success of the parties at DC10-who are we to complain about a lack of a few disco balls, and naked stilt women?  

The building wasn’t made to withstand the heaving crowds it attracts.  The ques for the bars and toilets are hefty, getting outside is a chore, and the rooms are completely sardined with hot, sweaty revellers (no hiding that facemelt if DC10ing in the day!)…BUT, what it lacks in these areas, it more than makes up for in the uber quality of the sound system, DJs, and location.  

The best way to get there is by taxi –  €10 from Ibiza Town or Playa D’en Bossa, and €25 from San Antonio. There is also the bus to Salinas beach which stops just past the club, or you can walk from Sant Jordi which takes about 15-20 minutes.

Zombiemeat and Raider are currently recovering from a truly epic evening with the original ninja Mr Jaguar Skills, who played last night at the Scala for his Spring 2012 ‘Jaguar Skills and his Amazing Friends’ Tour. DJ Cable and Murkage were the first acts to start us off and they done an almighty job in hyping up the crowd-by 1:00am the main room was heaving and there wasn’t a reveller in sight who was not unleashing elated bass fury into their moves. Anyone who is fan or has already experienced a night with Jaguar Skills can just imagine how much buzz was flowing through the room by the time we were graced with his presence. The Radio 1 mixologist went down an absolute storm with his infamous lightning-quick mixing and uber mash-up skills. It was an aural assault of Dubstep to Drum n Bass, and everything in between, and I can honestly say I have never been part of such extreme dance mayhem. For the first thirty minutes of his two-hour set, we found ourselves being aggressively moshed around all four corners of the modest sized venue. The crowd went mental, and the epicness of his set done nothing for the safety of our internal organs. Suffering serious body crushing and headrush claustrophobia we battled our way to higher ground and relished a good deal of the set with ample body whipping and arms flailing space. An amazing night. At no point during Jaguar Skill’s set was there time to suck in the stitch and catch our breath; he banged out one epic tune after the next; having had the tickets and waited so long to experience the DJ on the top of our must see list it was certainly not a disappointment.  I would recommend absolutely everyone and anyone to hit up a night with Jaguar Skills! I wouldn’t recommend the cabby office near the Scala though. I get a need when I’m leaving the club and I’m wanting to please it (that’s going to bed) and I’m usually on the roam so I need a car when we leave clubs immediately; 45 minutes into our journey lost and driving the wrong way up a dual carriage way I’m thinking we need to get out, but the more that I need it the less that I believe it. Thankfully we are alive so it’s all good… moral to the Lindsey OCS, is get the bus. All I can say now is bring on the next one!

2012 sets to be another landmark year for our masked hero. His highly successful mix compilation for Toolroom Records received critical acclaim, and he has now been donned the“King of the Comps”. The demand for Jaguar Skills in and outside of the UK has gone to new levels; we literally cannot wait to see to see what he pull out the back this year. Keep an eye out for forthcoming event information.

The following  videos include “Ginger Pubes” and a rather special mash-up mix – more videos pending.

Also a special Raider shout out to the one and only legendary MC on the Mic Mr Stuuuuudiiiioooo…I’m sending one of these out to you (x) 😉

Finally a message fellow lovers of the mighty Jaguar Skills – HoooOOOooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The only song appropriate for my little lion, is the Circle of Life :-)…love you always.