Amnesia – Ibiza Club Review [Rated****]

Posted: November 23, 2012 by Raider in Club Nights, Dance, Electro House, Electronic, Ibiza, Ibiza Club Review, Ibiza Clubs, Techno, Trance
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Once upon a time, on the cusp of joining the misunderstood species, I snuck into the cinema with my equally excitable friends to see a film that changed my dreams and aspirations forever:  Kevin and Perry Go Large. No longer did I desire to fly to moon, no more did I wish to follow in Rolf Harris’ veterinarian footsteps…I had been officially musically baptized; baptized into a world where the Thong Song no longer made me want to wiggle my toosh; I had well and truly forgotten about Dre; and Craig David was definitely 7 days past its sell by date. I had one goal… I needed trance, I needed techno, I needed to be a superstar DJ, and most importantly I needed Amnesia. Ten extruciately long years of bitterly watching my older siblings jet off to the infamous White Isle, whilst I endured the pitiful under 18 discos and local old man boozers, I was booked, packed and ready to go.

They say all good things come to those who wait, but to my utter dismay the first time I visited Amnesia I was verging on crippled. An Ibiza virgin, it was two days after a mammoth night at the Carl Cox Closing party at Space and I had literally savaged every last muscle in my body. I simply could not appreciate that I was standing in what Amnesia itself calls the ‘best global club’. I could but only sway side to side, with a hunched over back, wincing at every desire to fist my hands in the air when the trance was unleashed. But to say I had a bad time, would be complete a lie – I was in a superclub surrounded by thousands of fellow ravers embracing every tintilating soundwave. The last moment I recall at Amnesia was a magical and emotional clubbing moment, on a platform embracing my friend as ‘All I Wanna Do Is Do It’ bellowed out the sound system, and we swapped pointing rave fingers with the hired podium dancers. From there on we were unfortunately done for; the last ounce of energy had diminished and suffering an equally painful dance hangover, my companions and I left before the sun had risen; a rather inappropriate time for any Ibiza clubber, though cabs were plentiful.

My second visit to Amnesia last year was equally painful on the body, but certainly more enjoyable. A trip to Ibiza is a test of endurance, thus spending the hours of 7-midnight at CircoLoco in DC10 before hitting a Cocoon party at Amnesia was bound to be difficult. However, fuelled with pizza and several pints of water we joined the masses and embraced the glorious morning ahead.

Amnesia consists of two large rooms. Renovated and updated in 2008, the Amnesia Terrace is a huge rectangular greenhouse with palm trees, an array of bars and is considered one Ibiza and world clubbing’s most spectacular dance music arenas. The Main Room is the traditional place to rave and the room which is famously showcased in the film Kevin and Perry Go Large. It has a central pit like dance floor, which is overlooked by the VIP areas on the top level, as well as the DJ booth and famous Amnesia dancers.

The most legendary feature at Amnesia are the two massive ‘ice cannons’ that blast cold air and fire off at regular intervals in both rooms, as well as copious amounts of foam at the Espuma parties. The cold blasts are refreshing, but don’t do much to reduce the sweat that inevitably comes hand in hand with any clubbing event on the White Isle.

Amnesia is situated directly opposite Privilege, half way between Ibiza Town and SanAntonio on the main road near the village of San Rafeal. The best ways to reach the club are: by taxi [€10-€15  from San Antonio, Playa D’en Bossa or Ibiza Town]; the disco bus which runs all night; or a special free bus which is provided by the club or promoter. Be warned the bus drivers don’t take kindly to the excitable spirits of Amnesia or Privilege revelers. Our last bus driver that took us to Amnesia stopped in the middle of the motorway, turned off the engine and stepped off the bus to smoke a cigarette; seemingly outraged at the foot stomping and chorus of singing.

You can expect to pay from €40 to €50 for the parties Cream and Cocoon. Entry on other days costs between €25 and €40. Spirit and mixers cost €1215 or more and a beer €10. Water is incredibly – and almost painful to type-  €8. Warning: if you’re thinking of visiting in style in the VIP area, the prices are also VIP i.e. more expensive!

Amnesia is arguably the quintessential Ibiza clubbing experience, and has been voted the Best Global Club at several of the last International Dance Music Awards in Miami. The club plays host to some of the world’s leading DJs and brands, as well as hosting some of the most popular parties including: Cocoon, Cream, Matinée, and Espuma (Foam) Party. It is certainly a sight to behold. The light shows are entrancing, the sound system is almost deafening and the interior design is awe inspiring. Off all the clubs in Ibiza, Space is still by far my favorite, but it definitely wouldn’t be a trip to Ibiza without visiting what many call a clubbing haven. Enjoy! And make sure your well rested.


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