Run For Shelter – Blitz Party Here We Come! Saturday 14th April [London EC2]

Posted: March 24, 2012 by Raider in East London, Jazz, London Venues, Swing, Upcoming Events, YouTube Videos
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The Blitz Party has been running in London for several years, but because they always sell out so fast, we have never managed to get tickets. Alas! We have finally secured tickets and are practicing our finger weaves and vintage shopping for that very special war-time outfit.

Blitz Party is one of London’s hottest nights, where cocktails, dancing and neighbourly spirit are the order of the evening. Revellers will make their way to a wartime East End air shelter, complete with sandbags, searchlights, blackout curtains, oil lamps and military bunk beds. Ration books replace bar tabs, scarce provisions line the walls, and spread under two arches, the room plays host to some of UK’s finest live swing bands, performers and DJs.
We are very excited for our war-time knees up, and I know the ladies cannot wait to be sipping Gin French with lots of men in uniform. 

Unfortunately tickets for the next event are sold out, but events are monthly so if you follow the link to the website below, you can sign up to the Blitz Party mailing list to keep updated on forcoming events.

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