Raider Book Review: Trafficked – The Terrifying True Story of a British Girl Forced into the Sex Trade by Sophie Hayes [Rated*****]

Posted: February 9, 2012 by Raider in Books, Raider Random, Raider Recommendations, Raider Reviews, Raider Updates
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I digress again from our theme of music and return briefly back to books. I do so to encourage people to read Sophie’s story and to help raise awareness of the horrors that approximately 2.5 million victims of human trafficking experience everyday. I am not an avid reader of non-fiction, but as tragic as this story was bound to be, I could not fight the intrigue to read it. I bought it 2 days ago and was immediately immersed into Sophie’s world, finding every moment I could to read it, through to the early hours of the morning;  I simply could not put Trafficked down. Whilst it was a truly harrowing account of life as a young trafficked female, it is was also the most courageous true story of survival I have read, and I was touched by Sophie’s vulnerability and  bravery. Sophie had the strength and courage to share her story, a story which completely breaks our common misconceptions of trafficking. Finishing it today,  I was compelled to share it here on the blog and to recommend readers to buy this book.  

She was living in a city in the North of England, and was 18yrs old and had no idea about human trafficking. One night she was out with friends, Kas started talking to her, he worked at a bar she went to all the time. He was very flattering and fun but she said no, she wasn’t interested and already had a boyfriend anyway. However, in the following months they developed a friendship, he accepted she wasn’t interested and what came out of it was an amazing friendship. They had swapped numbers and at this point chatted regularly on the phone. After about a year she broke up with her boyfriend of the time and Kas was there, understanding what she was going through and really listening.

 They had known each other for some years now and she trusted him as a best friend. He told her he was off to Italy for a holiday, and she should come along for a weekend to cheer herself up. Tempted by some light relief, some pizza and a chance to get away for a few days, Sophie said yes.

It was when she got to Italy that everything changed.Kas changed. He announced on her first night that he was in debt and Sophie must help by working on the streets to earn the money he needed to pay back. It was the start of a previously unimaginable horrific experience….

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