Will.i.am – T.H.E Feat. Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger – Nils van Zandt Remix [Rated****]

Posted: February 8, 2012 by Raider in Dance, Electro House, Music Artists, New Single, Song Review
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Yes. Will.i.am, Jennifer Lopez and…Mick Jagger is on the blog. Given I tend to listen to more Rinse Fm than Kiss Fm these days, I’m a little slow on the uptake with the chart music. However, I thought I would spice it up today with a bit of Choice Fm, and came across this song…which I rather like!

Will.i.am is distinctive in style and I like how he experiments with his music, so a thumbs up from me. Where Mick Jagger comes in to this song I do not know and I wouldn’t agree that ‘this beat is hard’; catchy might be more appropriate. Overall, the song is upbeat, a good track to dance too and the video is pretty cool even though a tad strange.   

I chose to upload a Nils van Zandt Remix…enjoy!


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