Controversy: MTV 2011 Top 10 Best UK MC List!

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Have your say! Do you agree with the list and if not who do you think should have made the cut?

Following much debate over the MTV “Best Of The Best:UK MCs” 2010 list, the MTV selected industry experts met again in December 2011 to judge this years best UK MC’s of 2011… and yet again the final list announcement was met with a mixture of agreement, bewilderment, and annoyance.

The panelists for the 2011 roundtable debate included: Charlie Sloth (DJ, BBC Radio 1Xtra / Radio 1), Posty (CEO,, Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson (Editor, MTV: The Wrap Up), Laura Brosnan (Music Journalist), Morgan Keyz (Music Video Director, SB.TV), and Nardene Scott (Senior Writer, RWD Magazine).

This was the response to the 2010 list…

The Best UK 2011 MCs were judged based on the following criteria: 

  • MCING ABILITY [best lyrics, flow and content]
  • BUZZ [most hype online, tv, streets]
  • ACCLAIM [recognition from DJ’s, journalist, public]
  • CHARISMA [trendsetter, new style, elevated the scene in UK/overseas]
  • IMPACT [influence on scene commercially and underground]

Despite this extensive list of criteria, many MC fans and celebrated MCs noted that they failed to see what the judges based their list on. Opinion was also divided by the panel judges and from what I can gather from the criteria as well as the panel discussions, the list is largely based on success as opposed to lyrical skill and technique. This year Wretch 32 was judged the best MC of 2011. I do not claim to be an expert on MCs and I’m sure many will disagree with me, that whilst yes he does tick all the criteria boxes, but if a man who uses the lyrics ‘popular now I’m like give a dog a bone’  [lyrics even my father sniggers at] is judged the best MC of 2011, then frankly I worry for the overall lyrical talent of all our UK MCs. I am a huge fan of  Wretch 32 as an artist, and I am pleased that he is receiving recognition for his work, but there does appear to be a major flaw in the list… If we are basing MCs on the above criteria, then I am shocked that one of the most well-known and celebrated urban acts Tinie Tempah was not included anywhere in this list when he placed at no.1 the previous year. In my opinion even his most recent collaboration with Labrinth on the track Earthquake should have been enough to place him at least top 5; this is without considering all of his other collaborations in 2011, an amazing album release towards the end of the year, sell out crowds at every festival he headlined at, and extensive commercial success not just in the UK but in America also.

It is impossible to please everyone and this list is certainly not representative of the masses.  But let us not forget that this list was compiled from MTV selected judges; had AKA for instance compiled a similar list, I suspect the results would be slightly different….

Here is the MTV Best Of The Best: UK MCs 2011 list:

1. Wretch 32 [Raider Song Rating *****]

2. K Koke [Raider Song Rating ***]

3. Professor Green [Raider Song Rating ****]

4. Chipmunk [Raider Song Rating*****]

5. Giggs [Raider Song Rating***]

6. Ghetts [Raider Song Rating****]

7. Lowkey [Raider Song Rating****]

8. Skepta [Raider Song Rating*****]

9. Krept and Konan [Raider Song Rating****]

10. Blade Brown/DVS [co-ranked] [Raider Song Rating*****]


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