Newsflash! M.I.A 2012 Comeback – New Single “Bad Girls” [Rated ***]

Posted: January 30, 2012 by Raider in Alternative, Electronic, Grime, Hip Hop, New Single, Raider Music Posts, Song Review, World Music
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“Bad Girls” is the new Danja-produced track from Mathangi Arulpragasam’s [better known as M.I.A.] Vicki Leekx mixtape which was premiered today. The new single will be made available tomorrow accompanied with a music video release directed by Gavras on February 3rd 2012. 

As well as working with Madonna and Nicki Miniaj on a song entitled “Give Me All Your Luvin”  for Madonna’s upcoming twelfth studio album, M.I.A. is also currently working on her fourth studio album, which is due for release on Mercury Records in Summer 2012, so keep an eye out for this. A philanthropist and humanitarian outside of her musical career, M.I.A. consistently incorporates both heralded and criticised social commentary within her albums, and despite the controversy surrounding her work she has generated widespread acclaim for her music. The new track “Bad Girls” is not neccessarily as catching as some of her previous tracks, but it is definitely a grower, and the more times you listen the better the song gets. We are certainly looking forward to the new album and are very pleased M.I.A. is back on the radar as she never fails to impress with her poignant narrative and unique style.

Download the M.I.A. Vicki Leekx mix tape from this site [safe to download!]: 

Click on the following link to visit the M.I.A. myspace page:

New single and video download information will be updated on this site in the following days.


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