Situated between Ibiza Town and San Antonio, Privilege holds the Guinness World Record for ‘Biggest club in the world’. With a 25 metre-high ceiling allowing for spectacular shows and enough space to house a huge pool inside, Privilege is rather epic. I must admit, I was a tad disappointed (only a tad), as it certainly didn’t feel Guinness Record big-but who am I to judge? I also wrongly assumed Underworld would appeal to the masses, however the free party bus to the club was far from full, and was the first indication I may have chosen the wrong night to experience what had been my dream clubbing experience for years.  Sunday is a big night in Ibiza, so Underworld had a lot of competition with other massive nights on the Island, namely We Love Sundays at Space which is an absolute must go to for all Ibiza clubbers. However, having already experienced the almighty Space on my previous trip, Privilege was on the top of my 100 club to do list and with Underworld headlining I was beyond thrilled. 

Underworld put on an incredible show and experiencing Born Slippy and Dark Train in the motherland of Techno Trance with ample room to unleash the rave demon moves, was an experience I will never forget. Those heaven reaching arms, tear in eye epic music moments I so often speak of were fully satisfied when Hyde started belting out those oh so confusing lyrics ‘drive boy dog boy dirty numb angel boy’. Karl Hyde is undoubtedly strange and one gets the sense he lost himself somewhere back in the acid 90’s, but he is fascinating to watch and a true entertainer. A 5 star performance I would recommend everyone and anyone to buy tickets for an Underworld show.

In terms of the venue itself, the sound system is extraordinary, the light shows are phenomenal and given its size the club has the capacity to change the face of the club every night – many call Privilege the clubbing chameleon! Attracting clubbers from all over the world, Privilege should be on every clubbers list when visiting Ibiza. My advice to experience everything this club has to offer, would be to visit on the biggest night in the summer which is Tiesto Club Life on Mondays; a unmissable night for all trance fans and for anyone looking to see an incredible show, as Tiesto never fails to impress. Alternatively, schedule your trip for either a Privilege opening or closing party; given all the Ibiza Superclubs rally to outdo each other on both events, my bet is the Privilege will be hard to beat.


I have attached a link to a video I took in Privilege of Born Slippy and a music video of Dark Train for fellow fans.


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