Whilst I love a festival, I absolutely hate the crowds…a secret agoraphobic, I can usually be found on the peripheries of the stages relishing the music in the comfort of swinging arm space and completely avoiding the sardine kettling crowds. But at Wireless Festival Saturday 2nd July 2011, I found myself walking freely towards the front few metres of the stage in sardine territory [agoraphobic no-mans land] among a seemingly sparse docile crowd. This is the first time I’ve braved such close proximity to a stage and needless to say, the moment Chase & Status started their show the festivallers tidal waved forward with grimace bass faces, and my panic set in. Edging away from the front, but remaining close enough not to appear like a complete rave pussy… there was nowhere to hide.  Chase and Status opened with their massive track “No Problem” and  as soon as the drop came the crowd went literally mental. I had several bottles lobbed at my head and got caught between 3 separate mosh pits [the last few seconds of the video are the very moments before mosh rapage ensued]. What a show! Utterly terrifying, but amazingly epic and completely encompassing everything you would expect from a Chase and Status performance and a bass hunting crowd. Note to all viewers of my Chase and Status experience-apologies for my random ‘yeahing’ and ‘woooing’; I was in a skull face bass trance. Also note the bellowing ‘where’s the mosh pits?’ from the speakers followed by severe camera shakage and the end to the video….dum dum duuuum! Review/video pending for the Headline act at Wireless Festival 2011 [Chemical Brothers]. 

  1. standardfact says:

    take your point on the cramped thing but get yourself to Melt just an hour from Berlin and you will love it. Like something from Mad Max and nicely spread out too. I stayed in the artists hotel and got a shuttle bus there every day and thenn home when it shut in the morning so no tent city hell.

    • Raider says:

      Thank you! This looks great, last years line up was immense! Any ideas when this years line up will be released? May have to get involved then take a sneaky trip back for some Berghain and Tresor action!

  2. ouija board says:

    i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

  3. […] Chase and Status Moshpit Mayhem (renegaderaiders.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] Chase and Status Moshpit Mayhem (renegaderaiders.wordpress.com) […]

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