London’s Answer to the Berghain – Millenium Mills [Pontoon Docks]

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Isolated, imposing and post apocalyptic, the Spiller’s Millenium Mills located along the Royal Victoria Docks in South East London, is a sight to behold; a haunting icon of post-industrial Britain. Recent research has highlighted that  the current future prospects of Millenium Mills involves its regeneration into a 5,000 home waterfront development… I simply cannot explain my utter disappoint at this. Besides the fact building has become a much-loved portrait of the post-industrial landscape and a back drop in countless films and television shows…to demolish this uncannily stunning fifty-nine acre site, would be to rid the Royal Docks of a location of a potentially epic sight for…a super club! Every morning for the past 3 months I have passed this foreboding building on the DLR, and lost myself in fantastical dreams of converting Millenium Mills into Berghains bigger grittier sister from South Easy. It radiates the same eerie colussuness as Berlin’s Berghain (clink link for Raider Berghain review) but on an even grander scale. Set aside in a ghostly landscape of what once London’s largest flour Milling industry at Royal Docks, this building is the last of the factories standing since the docks closed definitively in 1984. The interior is as amazing as the exterior and for those that have visited the Berghain club, as can be seen on the below video there is a strong likeness in the industrial mechanized interior of both.

The building is seriously decaying and security patrols round the clock to prevent urban space explorers entering the dangerous site. But with the right designers and building planners, some redesigning, knock through some floors for an extreme high ceiling club space, insert some beastly subwoofers throughout, attract the right crowds with the best DJ’s and music artists on the scene and Millenium Mills could not only be a massive competitor to the Berghain club, but it could be the new mothership of clubbing and potentially the most amazing clubbing space in the UK and Europe.  Big ideas; big dreams…but to turn this building into flats would be a complete waste of epicness.

It is my belief that London is certainly lacking in noteworthy clubbing/music spaces and among the hundreds of derelict buildings dotted around urban areas of London, this building could be the answer. My promise fellow ravers, when I win the Euromillions next week, I will use my winnings to create a clubbing haven in the heart of South East London. Just you wait…

If the Lottery happens to cheat again; then let us hope a rich raver will share my vision.

Visit this website for some remarkable pictures of the interior of Millenium Mills:

Watch the following video created by “kenturbex” on YouTube, the filming is beautiful.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    the answer is here!! we have the site for two years..
    although we wont be able to use the building- as your amazing pictures state- we’ll be making the most of its stunning exterior by turning it into a didital canvas through video mapping and incredible lighting effects… watch this space! x

    • Raider says:

      Thank you anon! I saw your website just after my research for this particular post and was chuffed- it’s such a fantastic site to go to waste and what a backdrop! I’m literally just booking my tickets for bloc.2012 can’t wait!

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  4. […] London’s Answer to the Berghain – Millenium Mills [Pontoon Docks] ( […]

  5. […] London’s Answer to the Berghain – Millenium Mills [Pontoon Docks] ( […]

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