Raider Recommendations: Southern Hayze Presents – Dark Echoes Produced By Rolla’G [Rated*****]

Posted: January 17, 2012 by Raider in Drum and Bass, New Single, Raider Music Posts, Raider Podcast, Raider Recommendations, Song Review
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Thank you to Southern Haze for linking us to their awesome new DnB track “Dark Echoes” produced by Rolla’G.  

Monotony can resound in the DnB scene and many tracks fail to impress by sticking to a repetitious bass line and tempo; creativity is frequently lacking and pumping it up to 200 BPM is sometimes as exciting as it gets.  However, “Dark Echoes” does not bore easy and should not disappoint. A subtle hint of jungle, a nice shift in tempo throughout, excellent vocals, a heavy wobble dominating the mid section and a well executed drop at 2:45; crank up the subwoofer fellow bass cravers and enjoy – we certainly did! Raiders will be on the look out for future Southern Haze and Rolla’G collaboration tracks and will be sure to share.

  1. Rolla G says:

    thanks for for liking my track i enjoyed producing this one southern hayze put a good finish ontop of the track and i can say that i will be working on future tracks with them thanks again

    Rolla G

  2. Raider says:

    Your welcome! We are looking forward to hearing more stuff, keep us posted! Raider [ET]

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