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English teachers do not use the term ‘sick’ lightly…but oh my, this track is sick! Busta Rhymes is spitting out those lyrics like an absolute beast! 

This is the official music video for Busta Rhymes’ “Why Stop Now ft. Chris Brown.” I’m not usually a fan of hip hop videos; too much oily booty and jirating females for my liking, but who could resist a ripped Chris Brown crunking in a low lit room? Not me! The video as a whole is brilliant, and I’ve currently got the track on repeat, which suggests its pretty good.   

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Following our previous post for the Damn That Dutch Club Night this Thursday [click link for Raider event information], check out the new track from the Special Guest DJ Lucky Charmes. No doubt, this is set to be a massive club banger! A very sexy fusion of Dance and Dutch House, this track and the artist DJ Lucky Charmes is sure to be a hit with the ladies.

“Bad Girls” is the new Danja-produced track from Mathangi Arulpragasam’s [better known as M.I.A.] Vicki Leekx mixtape which was premiered today. The new single will be made available tomorrow accompanied with a music video release directed by Gavras on February 3rd 2012. 

As well as working with Madonna and Nicki Miniaj on a song entitled “Give Me All Your Luvin”  for Madonna’s upcoming twelfth studio album, M.I.A. is also currently working on her fourth studio album, which is due for release on Mercury Records in Summer 2012, so keep an eye out for this. A philanthropist and humanitarian outside of her musical career, M.I.A. consistently incorporates both heralded and criticised social commentary within her albums, and despite the controversy surrounding her work she has generated widespread acclaim for her music. The new track “Bad Girls” is not neccessarily as catching as some of her previous tracks, but it is definitely a grower, and the more times you listen the better the song gets. We are certainly looking forward to the new album and are very pleased M.I.A. is back on the radar as she never fails to impress with her poignant narrative and unique style.

Download the M.I.A. Vicki Leekx mix tape from this site [safe to download!]: 

Click on the following link to visit the M.I.A. myspace page:

New single and video download information will be updated on this site in the following days.

I thought I would share one of my more recent drawings for you. In doing so I would also like to honour the internet cartoon phenomenan Charlie the unicorn, who is remixed into a seriously dark dubstep track. 

The original cartoon is by Jason Steele / SecretAgentBob


“The longer you watch Sven Marquardt’s photographs, the better you will understand that every pose is more than just pose. Man is not hiding behind the assigning poses and requisites. Men are brought to light. Models are opening up to the photographer is the experience that makes Sven Marquardt’s photographs such a sensation.” (, 21.Juni 2010)
“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” – Matt Hardy

Sven Marquardt the gatekeeper ‘curator’, commands what is reputed to be the hardest door in Berlin, and is notorious for choosing an often surprising —rejected entrees would say ‘capricious’ — selection of people, old as well as young, eccentric as often as beautiful, helping to give the club its staying power. Given Marquardt’s notoriety as one of the most terrifying bouncers in the world [personal experience has proven this to be entirely true],  it came as a  shock to learn that the man who brings nightmares to thousands of people who submit to his inspection at the elitist Berghain club entrance each weekend, was once among the most prolific and promising young photographers of East Berlin.

Having put his camera down soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it has only been in recent years that he has returned to his work as a photographer. Marquardt’s 2007 photography exhibition at the Berghain took the public eye away from his career as the Berghain bouncer and back on to the man as an artist. Whilst Marquardt has no plans on leaving the Berghain, he continues creating and exhibiting his photography [information on his latest collaborative exhibition [“off the beaten tracks“] and has to date published two photography books including Zukünftig vergangen: Fotografien 1984-2009 and Heiland.  He is also in the process of organizing an external exhibition this year on a wall space overlooking Alexanderplatz – a place in the days of communism, which the young punk rocker was seen as a showcase for socialism and thus banned by the state. [Information regarding the exhibition will be updated on the blog].

Marquardt’s photography has an exclusive focus on portraits and a visual language that he described as “very classic, analog, usually black and white and only with daylight.” His photography is uncannily beautiful, and whilst somewhat macabre, his work is some of the most captivating and stirring I have seen. Given his gatekeeper infamy, many have and will be captivated by his work, and it is with hope that he receives all the acknowledgement he deserves – not for his appearance or Berghain door policy, but for his photographic artistry.       

Visit Marquardt’s Photography Website (not suitable for younger viewers):

Unfortunately I do not understand German, but here is the man in action…

In honour of the greatest techno club in the world… Cut from Berghain 03 and featuring Planetary Assault Systems – Surface Noise, Len Faki’s sheer destruction of techno and its very existence.

After a highly successful launch party in December, the Damn That Dutch Club Night is back at The Shoreditch, Thursday February 2nd. From 9pm – 2am (free entry), Resident DJ Darren C and Special Guest Dutch DJ/Producer Luck Charmes will be playing the best in Dirty Dutch and Electro House. 

Located over two floors of a cheesy chic and decadent interior, a basement hosting the live music, an extensive Tiki cocktail  list including delights such as the ‘planet of the apes’ (rum, bananas and exotic fruits) or ‘Jack and Jill’ (Jack Daniels, raspberry and ginger beer mule) and a food menu of serving platters, The Shoreditch is a perfect week night music venue.

Everyone knows that Thursday is the new Friday, so start your weekend early and head on down to 144 Shoreditch High Street for what is set to be another big club night for Damn That Dutch.  

Visit the following websites for more information: [Darren C Website] [Lucky Charmes Website] 

Listen to the exclusive guest mix from Lucky Charmes on The Damn That Dutch Music Show with Darren C No.11 26th January 2012. Includes a  report on DJ Chuckie’s Dirty Dutch party at Ministry of Sound which happened last weekend; Big tracks from Afrojack, Deniz Koyz and something new from UK producer Adam F.

Quintino – The One & Only
Afrojack & R3hab – Prutataaa – (Dada Life Remix)
Deniz Koyu – Tung
Hever Java & Da Jostick – Rock It One

=Lucky Charmes Guestmix=
Lucky Charmes Feat Perry Mystique – Get Outta That Corner (super massive remix)
Baby Blue vs Jacob Plant – Where’s the Noise
Joey Negro – No Sugar (Lucky Charmes Remix)
Rizzle_Kicks – Mama Do The Hump (Vato Gonzalez Remix)
Angger Dimas – Hey Freak! (Original Mix)
Tristan Gartner, Masters at Work – Work The Bounce (Praia del Sol Bootleg)
Mick Di Lano – Dynasty (Original Mix)
Lady Gaga – Marry The Night (John Dahlback Remix)
Benni Benassi – Close To Me (R3HAB RMX)
Lucky Charmes – Feel Me

Botnek – Jerpa
Basement Jaxx – Bingo Bango (Dirty Secretz Remix)
Adam F & Sonic C – In The Air

Situated between Ibiza Town and San Antonio, Privilege holds the Guinness World Record for ‘Biggest club in the world’. With a 25 metre-high ceiling allowing for spectacular shows and enough space to house a huge pool inside, Privilege is rather epic. I must admit, I was a tad disappointed (only a tad), as it certainly didn’t feel Guinness Record big-but who am I to judge? I also wrongly assumed Underworld would appeal to the masses, however the free party bus to the club was far from full, and was the first indication I may have chosen the wrong night to experience what had been my dream clubbing experience for years.  Sunday is a big night in Ibiza, so Underworld had a lot of competition with other massive nights on the Island, namely We Love Sundays at Space which is an absolute must go to for all Ibiza clubbers. However, having already experienced the almighty Space on my previous trip, Privilege was on the top of my 100 club to do list and with Underworld headlining I was beyond thrilled. 

Underworld put on an incredible show and experiencing Born Slippy and Dark Train in the motherland of Techno Trance with ample room to unleash the rave demon moves, was an experience I will never forget. Those heaven reaching arms, tear in eye epic music moments I so often speak of were fully satisfied when Hyde started belting out those oh so confusing lyrics ‘drive boy dog boy dirty numb angel boy’. Karl Hyde is undoubtedly strange and one gets the sense he lost himself somewhere back in the acid 90’s, but he is fascinating to watch and a true entertainer. A 5 star performance I would recommend everyone and anyone to buy tickets for an Underworld show.

In terms of the venue itself, the sound system is extraordinary, the light shows are phenomenal and given its size the club has the capacity to change the face of the club every night – many call Privilege the clubbing chameleon! Attracting clubbers from all over the world, Privilege should be on every clubbers list when visiting Ibiza. My advice to experience everything this club has to offer, would be to visit on the biggest night in the summer which is Tiesto Club Life on Mondays; a unmissable night for all trance fans and for anyone looking to see an incredible show, as Tiesto never fails to impress. Alternatively, schedule your trip for either a Privilege opening or closing party; given all the Ibiza Superclubs rally to outdo each other on both events, my bet is the Privilege will be hard to beat.


I have attached a link to a video I took in Privilege of Born Slippy and a music video of Dark Train for fellow fans.