The Berghain Club Berlin – When They Say No Cameras, They Mean It!

Posted: December 24, 2011 by Raider in Berlin Club Review, Club Nights, DJs, Raider Reviews, Techno, Worldwide Club Review
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I am posting this link to demonstrate the attitude towards Berghain privacy, and share the comments made to one brave guest who decided to upload footage of the Berghain on YouTube (from our attempts to take a club snap in the Berghain-we are well aware how difficult this is, as we were immedietly told to remove by another clubber). I certainly do not intend to cause any offence or disrespect to the Berghain culture by sharing the video (especially as this video doesn’t even begin to reveal the epicness of this place) but am simply highlighting through video comments the offence caused if any choose to ‘desecrate the temple’ by video recording inside the mighty Berghain.

It is truly fascinating to read how strongly Berghain goers are committed to the ‘what happens in the Berghain stays in the Berghain’ culture. You will find with other videos taken from the Berghain or Panorama bar, that the dislike ratings are rocketing and commenters truly believe you are disrespecting them and the Berghain. Incredible! Whilst it all seems a bit extreme, having actually succeeded in gaining entry into the club when so many are refused entry, and experiencing the Berghain atmosphere, I to hope the mystery surrounding the Berghain remains and that other people do put the cameras away. I love a photo as much as the any other holiday snapper to recapture the moment over and over again, but the Berghain is simply unforgettable-no camera needed. Click link for Raider Berghain review.

[Click on the following link to read the video comments]

  1. […] we were hounded by another guest who told us in no uncertain terms to ‘delete!’ See review on Berghain Privacy. There are no clocks, mirrors or reflective surfaces; the events at the Berghain are extremely […]

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