Surprise Newsflash: Raiders are attending Jaguar Skills@Scala 17/3/2012 [London]

Posted: December 14, 2011 by Raider in Club Nights, Dance, London Clubs, London Venues, Raider Music Posts, Raider Recommendations, Raider Updates, Upcoming Events
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We were unfortunate enough to miss the majority of Jaguar Skills set at the LED Festival in June, we have missed several more nights in and outside of London since…but the ninja shall elude us no more. I have just treated Raider 3 aka (Mr Kenny) and myself to x2 tickets to see Jaguar Skills at Scala London, King’s Cross (surprise is out- Happy 2012 Skenmeister 🙂 heres to another wicked year!).  Beyond excited – this wont be a night where you walk out thinking you’ve listened to a 5 hour song, no… we are guaranteed to leave Scala suffering severe lactic acid leg quivers after a superb onslaught of amazing mashup tunage.

Get involved-tickets will sell fast!!   

Buy tickets here:

Website – Blog –


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