B.T.A & Vipervman – Survivor

Posted: December 14, 2011 by Raider in Artist Review, Dubstep, Music Artists, New Single, Raider Music Posts, Song Review, UK Garage
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Newskool MC’s may be emerging all the time, but none can quite compare to the lyrical talents of MC Viper; one of the most recognised House and Garage MC’s on the circuit. From  the Rags II Riches sets to Lyrical Bad Boy the sounds of MC Viper take me back to the good old days of classic UK garage. Gaining notoriety in 1995 he was a big player in the Garage scene. From then on Viper has continued to adapt and progress his style with the ever changing scene; and from the looks of B.T.A & Vipervman-Survivor he is certainly surviving and going strong. Loving the new tune, great video and the mix of Rock, Garage and Dubstep throughout is sounding shweet! Looking forward to more work from the legend that is MC Viper! P.S ‘space invader’ lyrics – nice -it’s all about the staying out the bubble!      


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