Raider Recommendations: Annie Mac Presents 2011 [*****]

Posted: December 12, 2011 by Raider in Album Review, Artist Review, Electronic, Raider Music Posts, Raider Recommendations, Various Artists
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Released October 21st 2011. I bought this album a few weeks ago and haven’t stopped listening to it since!

It has been criticised for including too many predictable pop tracks and lacking the more exclusive material fans of Annie Mac enjoy. One reviewer noted ‘so many random songs…is this chill or dnb with toast and tea?’ Quite frankly, dnb with toast and tea makes for an awesome album. There is a perfect combination of chilled and up tempo tracks, a quality mix of house, electro and dance genres and it has been well-arranged. On most albums you tend to only listen to the first ten tracks because the rest are lame. On the contrary Annie Mac Presents 2011 spices it up to the very end with some truly epic screw face fist clenchers.  You simply cannot criticise an album that includes SBTRKTs ‘Wildfire’, Magnetic Man ‘Getting Nowhere’, Rusko ‘Everyday’, Chase and Status ‘Blind Faith’, Youngman & Benga ‘Tear it out’, Skream ft Sam Frank ‘Where should you be?’ too name only a few!

You definitely need to buy this CD:


Play –

or on iTunes for £7.99

5 stars! Perfect present for crimbo!


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