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I am posting this link to demonstrate the attitude towards Berghain privacy, and share the comments made to one brave guest who decided to upload footage of the Berghain on YouTube (from our attempts to take a club snap in the Berghain-we are well aware how difficult this is, as we were immedietly told to remove by another clubber). I certainly do not intend to cause any offence or disrespect to the Berghain culture by sharing the video (especially as this video doesn’t even begin to reveal the epicness of this place) but am simply highlighting through video comments the offence caused if any choose to ‘desecrate the temple’ by video recording inside the mighty Berghain.

It is truly fascinating to read how strongly Berghain goers are committed to the ‘what happens in the Berghain stays in the Berghain’ culture. You will find with other videos taken from the Berghain or Panorama bar, that the dislike ratings are rocketing and commenters truly believe you are disrespecting them and the Berghain. Incredible! Whilst it all seems a bit extreme, having actually succeeded in gaining entry into the club when so many are refused entry, and experiencing the Berghain atmosphere, I to hope the mystery surrounding the Berghain remains and that other people do put the cameras away. I love a photo as much as the any other holiday snapper to recapture the moment over and over again, but the Berghain is simply unforgettable-no camera needed. Click link for Raider Berghain review.

[Click on the following link to read the video comments]


I would summarise The Watergate Club as a swanky riverside cocktail bar/club for a  friendly, upmarket house crowd. Sounds like a pretty standard night out for a lot of Londoners, and if this is your scene then Watergate is the place for you – but given the Raiders have a taste for the more hedonistic damp and dingy nightspots, this club didn’t quite fit the mould.

With only a short stay in Berlin we wanted to ensure we descended upon the best clubs the city had to offer and from our lengthy club review research Watergate Club appeared to be one of them. After a truly unforgettable visit to Tresor the night before and gearing up for our penultimate hard techno rave at the mighty Berghain club later that morning, we expected Watergate to ooze the same epicness that Berlin night life had already graced us with. Unfortunately, one look at the prim crowd, the cubic-minimalist decor, neon LED lighting system and plush white leather poufs, and the disappointment set in. Sticking out like sore thumbs in our dust coated high-tops and jeans; the Watergate was a million miles away from our clubbing experiences the previous night. The Watergate club is certainly in a beautiful location overlooking the River Spree, the interior design is luxurious and sophisticated, cocktails are flowing, and polite flirting ensues in all corners. One reviewer even notes that you may be lulled into a false sense of sophistication – but when the first big tune sets in this evaporates. Actually, whilst we hoped it would, it doesn’t, and it still radiates that pretentious vibe you find in London hotspots which we were trying so hard to avoid. On a positive note the Watergate club does play host to many big DJ talents including Chicken Lips and Eric Morillo, so the music should not disappoint at all. However, again the ‘dance floor’ is compact and simply lacks the necessary space needed to manoeuvre moves to such big names.

Overall, I would say this is a relatively good club (bar) to start or wind down in and to enjoy good house and techno music; but this is only if you are prepared to pay for the slightly pricey entrance fees and drinks and if you are not planning on heading to a club like the Berghain after, as this place will not prepare you at all…we vote Tresor Club all the way.


Watergate (Photo credit: Feffef)

Watergate Club, Falckensteinstr 49, 10997, Berlin X-berg.

(This video makes The Watergate look pretty dam cool…so it is highly possible we went on a dull night??)

Very cool!! It took two months, 35,000 LED lights to set up and requires four, sixteen-channel, Light o Rama controllers to operate. What makes it so awesome is that it is queued to “First of the Year (Equinox)” by Skrillex. Glad I’m not their neighbours…

Massive tune! I’ll let the wobbles do the talking – crank up the volume! Released January 2012.

Ms Dynamite exploded onto the UK Garage/HipHop scene in 2002 after the official release of Booo! and her debut album A Little Deeper. Following  numerous  music awards for her album’s success, backed by her two hit singles –It Takes More and Dy-na-mi-tee — Ms. Dynamite introduced herself to the world of music with a bang.  After a string of television appearances and the release of a second album ‘Judgment Day’, Ms Dynamite took an extended break from music to have her son.  However, in December 2010 Ms.Dynamite was finally back and featured on some massive hits including, Katy B’s Lights On, Magnetic Man’s Fire and Redlight .feat Ms Dynamite “What you talking about!?”.  Neva Soft is Ms Dynamite’s newest single and first solo commercial release  since 2005-what a comeback. Released in September 2011 Dynamite teamed up with the producer-of-the-moment Labrinth to create a fierce track with an awesome blend of Reggae and Drum and Bass.

The Raiders saw Ms Dynamite perform at the  Rinse FM 17th Birthday Bash  and she absolutely smashed it. After performing Lights On with Katy B, she continued to hype up the crowd with her newer material and Brixton Academy went off!  Highlight performance of the night and the year.  Few female artists and MC’s can compare to the distinctive Dynamite tone, flow and sharp lyrical content; her songs are always top-notch and that is exactly why we have voted Ms Dynamite Best Female MC and Artist. We are very pleased to have her back! Keep an eye out for her third album set to be released early 2012.

Now if we knew we had a uber cool alternative strictly members only bar right on our doorstep that was playing host to some of the best names in dubstep, drum and bass, rock and indie, we would have been members a long time ago. Looks like Croydon may be our new local hotspot. We have yet to visit this Black Sheep Bar, but we intend on heading on down this week to check out the venue and the sets. [Review Pending] 

Every few months the bar hosts the club night ‘Croydub’. By the looks of the last line up (Coki, Artwork, Plastician, P Money, Hatcha, and many more) and tonights line up – the one and only Skream (which we are very disappointed to be missing) Croydub@ Black Black Sheep Bar is the place to be.

If you are in or around Croydon tonight head on down 8-4am – Skream, Tunnidge, Chefal, Kutz, Hijak, Walsh, Dismantle, Skandal, Surge and Mic Man Sgt Pokes…There are still wrist bands going at the bar.

On Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat playing Dance, Drum & Bass, Eclectic, Hip-Hop, Indie, Metal, Rock, Techno / Trance.  68 High St, Croydon, CR0 1NA.

Entry: Membership can be obtained on the night, bring photographic ID. Membership fees may vary.

As a follow-up to the previous Techno Church post, I thought I would share a video that is – in the wise words of MC GQ – an absolute stinker!! Truly epic editing from Baptazia…Enjoy!