Renegade Raiders are attending Mulletover Halloween 2011 @ Proud 2 – 02 Arena London

Posted: October 28, 2011 by Raider in Club Nights, London Club Review, London Clubs, London Venues, Raider Music Posts, Raider Updates
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It’s that amazing time of the year again when everyone has a party to go too and a ridiculous outfit to wear…

For the past few years Mulletover has hosted their Halloween spectacle at the Great Suffolk St Warehouse, however this year Mulletover is being hosted at Proud2, formally Matter in the 02 arena. Initially we were disappointed with the venue choice, as in our past visits the club space has not be used to its full potential; however for this event, it looks set to be a good night, and we must not forget this club has a bodysonic dancefloor and one of the best sound systems in London.
Mulletover organisers have hired C02 Cannons, pyrotechnics,  lasers and an array of ghoulish decor. On top of that the Bitch N’ Stitch crew will be at the club all night who are famed at Mulletover events for their incredible face decoration skills! There will also be Halloween games throughout the night and the club has a 24 hour license, so the party should keep going throughout the early hours of the morning.

Tickets are sold out for this event.

Review of club night as always will be posted upon recovery. To note, we will be donning: Scary Fairy, Sexy Vampire, and my personal favourite – The Big Bad Wolf (with Queen mask).

Happy Halloween!!!!

Video – Halloween Mulletover 2010

  1. RenegadeRaider says:

    Its seems like a long time since Halloween. But we had an awesome night. It was very very busy. Word of warning if you attend a Mulletover event next year and we strongly advise you do…do not wear wings-major hazard!!

    Absolutely everyone was in fancy dress and went all out on the costumes, so if you attend in normal clothes you will look like the freak.

    Proud 2 was a great venue for the event and the music was awesome.

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